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Canada Visa

Canada Visa Description

Canada, stretching from the U.S. in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north, is filled with vibrant cities including massive, multicultural Toronto; predominantly French-speaking Montréal and Québec City; Vancouver and Halifax on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, respectively; and Ottawa, the capital. It’s also crossed by the Rocky Mountains and home to vast swaths of protected wilderness.

Canada Visa Embassy Requirements
Embassy Requirements

Original passport with a validity of at least 8 months, Copies of all previous passports if any.

Valid CNIC copy.

2 Passport size photographs in white background (Matte finish paper).

Family B-form Nadra computerized (for children)

FRC (Family registration certificate) OR MRC (Marriage registration certificate, if married)

2 passport-size photos (colored or black and white)

Work proof:

If business: NTN, Letter head, visiting card (certificate of chamber of commerce, tax returns) If job: Joining letter, recent 3 months’ salary slip, leave letter. If a house wife/student dependent on husband/parents, submit evidence of husband’s / father's employment.

Any other documentation / information showing your ties to Pakistan.

Update bank statement of the last 6 months (Personal/Company).

Confirm Hotel Itinerary.

Confirm Ticket Itinerary.

Note: All visas charges are non-refundable in case of Visa reject o

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Visa processing time is 40 working days and visa stay validity will be of minimum 6 months.